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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of this website located at MMOGOLDNOW.COM.

This site is owned by Mistelle Ltd, with a registered address at Ithakis, 40, Strovolos, 2058, Nicosia, Cyprus, Company Reg: HE 437200. By accessing and using the website MMOGOLDNOW.COM we assume that you agree with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply between all users of this website (including but not limited to its members and subscribers) and the owners of this website. Please make sure that you read these terms and conditions carefully as they could affect your legal rights.

1. Services

1.1 In order to use MMOGOLDNOW.COM a customer account is required for all clients. To register for an account, the persons wishing to use the website services, must provide his or her full name(s), surname, address, email address and create a username and a password. It is free of charge to register an account with MMOGOLDNOW.COM.

1.2 To use our services you must be at least 18 years of age. By registering an account, you agree to being over the age of 18.

1.3 A mandatory process before a customer may register with an account is for them to read and accept these terms and conditions as well as the MMOGOLDNOW.COM Privacy Policy.

1.4 No tangible good are being sold to the customers of MMOGOLDNOW.COM, all in-game money is transferred directly to the player’s account. MMOGOLDNOW.COM is not linked in any way to any of the game licensors, producers, designers or publishers and act merely as a third-party agent, separated from these gaming companies and/or licensors (NCsoft, Innova Systems, Blizzard Entertainment, Square Enix Co., LTD. et al). MMOGOLDNOW.COM claims no title to any intellectual property interests held by any of the gaming companies and/or licensors except those granted by these companies. As no intellectual property interests are being transferred by MMOGOLDNOW.COM to buyers through any transaction, MMOGOLDNOW.COM has no representations regarding the transferability, use and ownership of any gaming companies’ intellectual property.

1.5 MMOGOLDNOW.COM customers agreed to defend and hold harmless MMOGOLDNOW.COM for any claims made by any of the gaming companies. The buyer assumes all risk

2. How to Buy

2.1 After a customer registers an account, they can select the in-game currency they need and proceed to check out. The customer will be prompted to provide specific in-game details that will be used to deliver what they have ordered.

2.2 Once the all the required details are provided and payment is made, MMOGOLDNOW.COM will aim to deliver the requested amounts immediately but can take up to 24 hours. The delivery of good will follow one of these methods:

2.3 In-game mail where the seller delivers the product within the game

2.4 In-game Face-to-face where an employee of the seller meets the Buyer within the game

2.5 Contract – within the game the Buyer is prompted by a message that is sent by the ~Seller to accept a contract in order to receive the product

3. How to Sell to Us

3.1 Anyone wishing to exchange their unwanted items for cash can simply fill out our form and receive a quote within 24 hours.

3.2 If the quote is accepted, we will arrange transfer of goods and the seller will be paid upon the good being received.

4. Payments and Billing

4.1 Once a customer has added their goods to the shopping cart, they will then proceed to the checkout where they are required to provide their billing details.

4.2 MMOGOLDNOW.COM does not actively collect card details or process the transaction.

4.3 MMOGOLDNOW.COM payment partner will be responsible for processing the transaction, payment can then only be actively initiated by the customer once they input their card details on the payment page.

4.4 Payment methods accepted include Visa.

4.5 The billing descriptor on your credit card statement will appear as ZEUSX

5. Refund and Cancellation Policy 

Please make sure you read the refund and cancellation policy carefully before proceeding with any transactions. MMOGOLDNOW.COM offers a money back and refund guarantee in the unlikely event that your goods are not received following the transaction. If you want to cancel a transaction, please notify us and inform us of the reason for the cancellation immediately. If the goods have already been delivered and were delivered correctly a refund will only be issued in our sole discretion.

6. Delivery 

All of our orders are expected to arrive immediately but, in some instances, it may take up to 24 hours. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

7. Liability and Copyright, Rights, Indemnification

7.1 All of the content available on the MMOGOLDNOW.COM platform is protected by Copyright or other proprietary rights and is the property of MMOGOLDNOW.COM or third parties which have made it available.

7.2 Some of the content that is available on this platform is provided by MMOGOLDNOW.COM and a small portion is third party. MMOGOLDNOW.COM is not responsible for any third-party content and is not responsible for checking that any third-party content is complete, accurate, legal or correct.

7.3 Customers are forbidden form fully or partially processing, modifying, exhibiting, publishing, displaying, duplicating or distributing content on the Platform that the buyer did not create. This content includes photos, texts, reports, logos, scripts as well as programme routines that are developed or independently provided by MMOGOLDNOW.COM. The customer is likewise prohibited from removing or modifying copyright notices, proprietary notices or marks of any kind.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

As required by law and to ensure that the company’s and customer’s legal rights are met and in order to comply with local and national law there may be some instances where MMOGOLDNOW.COM may disclose information to law enforcement agencies or governing bodies.

9. Contact

If you have any more questions about these terms and conditions or would like to contact MMOGOLDNOW.COM about any other issue, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Fast Delivery

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